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Our story

Founded upon fresh ideas, built on experience and a clear vision for the future. We skip most steps between the fields of our growers and you, so you get the very best products.

Our vision

Once upon a time, we looked at traditional flower trade, where flowers travel thousands of miles to a central warehouse for auctioning, before travelling on toward their final destination. We imagined how things would be when buyers could buy direct from source, with the same confidence, without all the unnecessary steps and extra steps.

No extra steps

We help you source the freshest products from growers all over the world. Our local experts, who regularly visit the fields and understand the product, help you find the right growers and fulfill your orders. Thanks to our local presence, in-person visits to the fields and thorough inspections you can have total confidence in quality and volume. We take care of shipping and logistics, making sure flowers are delivered in perfect condition – without extra steps – from field to vase (or warehouse).

Fresh for a better future

In many ways, buying fresh from source is a good idea. We ship to order, skipping all unnecessary intermediate steps such as a central flower auction house. This means a radically shorter supply chain with fewer miles to travel, fewer refrigerated cargo holds and fewer days in transport. Good news for our customers, who get higher quality flowers and reduced costs, but also for our planet.

At Fresh From Source we feel a strong obligation towards future generations to do things better. We believe the global flower trade can improve in many ways, and that there is no time to waste doing so. We’ve started by investing in the local communities growing our products, optimising transport methods in order to reduce emissions and waste, and publishing an annual report about sustainability at Fresh From Source.

Our unique field-to-vase concept

Buying “fresh from source” means you get to skip all the costly, time consuming steps. Instead of gathering flowers in a cooled central warehouse, auctioning them off, and finally transporting them to their final destination, we keep it smart (and simple). We ship directly to you.


You can buy directly from the fields of growers worldwide. Our local team does regular inspections and checks quality and volumes on your behalf.


After harvest we arrange immediate transport, using modern shipping methods, directly to the destination you specify.

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You get the freshest flowers, without any unnecessary (and expensive) steps, direct from field to vase.


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We believe in simplicity

The less steps between you and your goals, the better. Connect with the best growers, buy their flowers at maximum freshness. Simple. Everything else is running the risk of a headache.

making good things happen

We believe in making good things happen

Buying fresh from source is an opportunity to make good things happen. For our clients, our partners and the planet. We reduce miles traveled per flower, help local communities to grow and invest in education and innovation.

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We believe in a fresh attitude

Remarkable results require clear vision and a fresh attitude. So we take full responsibility in making sure you’re happy buying fresh from source. Our local experts are truly passionate about the products. They will connect you to talented growers, do in-person inspections and arrange premium shipping.


Happy to meet you! Here at Fresh From Source, we’re ready to help you find the world’s freshest flowers, without the fuss.



Elphas Nyachae is the Assistant Supply Chain Coordinator within Dutch Flower Group Africa. His aim is to use the best of his knowledge and experience to enable business continuity and in satisfying our customers’ needs with quality products.



Christina is the one you talk to about all things China. She is our project manager with an outstanding work ethic.



He is our commercial manager and is responsible for the entire crew in The Netherlands.



Joseph Mwangi is our intern at DFG Africa and is currently taking care of the TGW market. He wants to become a team player that strives to become better than we are to make everything around us better too.




Our diamond in the rough. Zora works closely with Christina and is the project manager assistant for the Greater China.



Meet our Technical  Manager at DFG Africa in the always lovely Mercy Langat. Responsible for quality and customer satisfaction. Working with flowers allows her to be creative.

Ronald kopie


Ronald Vos. Works for DFG Africa en works closely with Remko in the Netherlands.



Perpetual Machua, Supply Chain Coordinator at DFG Africa. As a chain link for the FFS/Van Dijk Flora market. She enjoy’s brightening the world every single day with flowers, from the garden to the vase. “It’s my pleasure to be part of this family.”



Beatrice Kabui is our Supply Chain Coordinator Fresh from Source and DFG Africa. She manages Asian markets with a keen focus on China and Russia. “My key objective is to efficiently serve my clients by offering quality products at competitive prices and shortened lead times. Cheers!”



Meet George Odhiambo, Assistant Supply Chain Coordinator, he handles the Eastern Europe market, a price sensitive market. With that hindsight, he always strive to secure sharpest prices without losing sight of quality aspects of the markets’ demand.



Caroline Mengich is our Supply Chain Coordinator at DFG Africa. She takes care of USA & European markets.

“I handle all assignments keenly to ensure reliability, high-quality results, accountability, and maximum productivity.”



Nelly Otieno, Supply Chain Coordinator at DFG Africa. She handles the Middle East Market and ensures her client(s) expectations are met.

“My obligation is to ensure my clients get state of the art quality, proper presentation and order supply is done. Not forget, I’m market driven too.”